Sponsoring or Recruiting

I have had many conversations lately with amazingly successful and influential people in the Network Marketing industry.  Curiously, there seems to be an ongoing conversation about recruiting people into your business or sponsoring.  Many prefer to sponsor, others prefer to recruit.

Regardless of how you label the act, the system or process to enroll undoubtedly will stay the same.  In Executive Recruiting we adhere to a simple principle.  Great relationships determine your profit level.  So the real question to ask is, how do we build meaningful relationship quickly and once we have shared our opportunity, how do we create referrals.

The answer is quite simple.  Build trust, assure them we will treat their referral with integrity, ask for their help and extend our appreciation.  A simple process indeed.  The challenge unwittingly, is what do we say within the context of the conversation to authentically set our contact at ease which creates an opening for the relationship to build.

What do we say?  Tune in next time?


One Response to “Sponsoring or Recruiting”

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