Talent-No Limit Talent vs. Dead End

Tom Peters in his classic book, “!Talent,” he writes about talent as a true recession proof market.  There is a talent shortage, has been for years and there still is.  The baby boomer generation, the largest in our country’s history, is retiring en masse and will continue to do so until around 2012.  Read Harry Dents “The Roaring 2000’s,” a great book and a serious research tool to understand current demographic patterns, their implication economically and how to position yourself powerfully to benefit. 

Interestingly, this massive demographic shift presents an unprecedented opportunity for the executive recruiting industry.  In theory, as talent becomes scarce or supply becomes depleted demand should rise.  In reality what is truly occurring is just the opposite.  The executive recruiting industry has become more and more under pressure form more sophisticated internal HR Recruiters, job boards and technology based recruiting.

So, whether you are an internal corporate recruiter or a contingency executive recruiter, the key to unlocking the talent vault, is simply your level of interpersonal skill combined with your foundational selling skills.  Together these determine your level of access to true talent.  From this point of access, how do you assess the talent level of your potential recruit. 

Clearly, the conversation of talent distinction, is the conversation executive recruiting professionals and cutting edge consulting recruiting professionals need to be having.

Tune in to our next conversation; What is No Limit Talent?


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