No Limit Talent vs. Dead End Talent -Executive Recruiting Tips

In cutting edge consulting recruiting we executive recruiters like to distinguish talent types.  Certain talent can exceed in the role they were specifically hired to fill and continually learn, expand and grow within your organization.  We call this talent type, no limit talent.  Another talent type will fill their specific role and often times excel with their role, but are simply capped out at the height of their ability.  We call this talent type, dead end talent. 

When considering a new hire it is critical to plan ahead twenty four months with your new hire’s career growth in mind.  If your new hire will by necessity need to move into a leadership role or diagonally move within the organization it is best to distinguish the caliber of talent in front you.  After your behavioral interview process, reference due diligence and assessment via DISC or Value Profile, are you confident your new hire has the capacity to grow? 

Has your new hire excelled in multiple stages in their development.  For instance was the person a leader in High School either academically, culturally or athletically.  Can you point to the same level or similar level of achievement in their undergraduate work?  Military?  Professionally?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then there is a high probability that your new hire is No Limit Talent.  On the other hand, you may have a qualified candidate who lacks the repeatability of success in a multitude of environments, with this knowledge you now recognize there is a strong argument that you are interviewing Dead End Talent.  Certainly, there are roles within your organization where No Limit Talent may not be needed.  By all means it is prudent to make those hires.  However, armed with the new distinction you will reduce turnover and lower your human capital costs.

The value of the distinction is powerful.  When recruiting employees the highest cost is incurred in the acculturation process which typically lasts six to nine months.  Inevitably it takes time for one to learn new systems, to identify knowledge silos and to understand the political climate of their new organization.  With increased focus on knowledge acquisition, new hire’s undoubtedly lack production capability and adds to your costs. 

Lowering the cost per hire and raising your human capital ROI is directly tied to your identification of talent types by selecting the appropriate talent types.  No Limit talent will incur a one time investment to cover your cost of acculturation.  Repeatedly hiring dead end talent, incurs fixed costs that cannot be recouped. 


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