Creating Abundance through Referral Strategies


Creating Abundance through Referral Strategies


“Call Jim, he is looking, he has the relationships in place where your client needs them, and he has had high income years selling which means I strongly recommend him, but please don’t tell him where you got his name.” 


When you encounter this dialogue what is your next move?  Many people I talk to and work with will simply be grateful and feel as if they have had a significant victory only to call their referred lead and find a cold reception.  Are there more effective methods to referral based placement strategies?  Corporate HR is highly skilled and becoming more sophisticated in talent sourcing and job boards such as Monster are creating vast databases which Recruiters must compete against, right?


Recruiting strategies to create warm leads are critical to your success.  Requesting your referral source to sponsor your lead is a simple technique that when executed properly can be an easy aide to boosting your billings.


Sponsoring a referral is short process.  Exchanging pleasantries and introducing humor to your dialogue breaks the ice, reassuring your contact that you are committed to providing great; pressure free service is the first step.


Asking your contact for help is our next move and it simply sharing your mission, your business expansion or your search, and at the same time inquiring if your contact would feel comfortable referring anyone to you.


Next we want to inquire three times for names.  When a name is mentioned we simply express our gratitude and mention in conversational context that it is beneficial for all involved for your contact to call their referral and simply explain the relationship which led to a referral.  Having your contact call their referral is where the power lies.  You, as the recruiter, now have influence to suggest a dialog.  So use this leverage to stack your deck and watch your fulfillment grow.


Ron Mason



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