Being a Fisherman Revisited

In an earlier blog post I suggested a shift from one to one recruiting to a model where one can now reach hundred’s, if not thousands through web a 2.0 model.  For several years executive recruiters have been exposed to the virtues of blogging and social networking.  Teachers of the new paradigm, when queried, have admitted that they have yet to make a placement leveraging web 2.0 strategies.  Why?


Interestingly, executive recruiters as a collective are action focused.  Seldom do we take time to step back and think strategically about working ‘on’ our business.  Now, bombarded with messaging regarding the efficacy of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, we are paralyzed with inaction.  The conundrum originates from being exposed simply to ideas vs. a comprehensive strategy.  The idea is the blog or a social networking site; the strategy is, how we powerfully incorporate all components of social networking into a consistent and executable strategy that generates branding, credibility and expert level imaging.


Clearly, there is significant benefit in executing a long term internet marketing campaign.  Compellingly, leveraging social networking sites, a recruiter can begin to brand themselves as an expert in the minds of very young viewers.  Typically, by the time a FaceBook patron accepts their first job, they have already begun to view FaceBook as either ‘high school’ or ‘college,’ which means if we have an opportunity to indoctrinate young talent.


Tune in tomorrow as I share one profitable strategy to build your own web 2.0 campaign and begin to install powerful recruiting strategies.





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