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Human Capital Strategies Lead Generation


From time to time I have had the opportunity to teach my clients the power of ‘fishing,’ creating a human capital lead generation systems, vs. the one time benefit of handing them a ‘fish,’ recruiting on their behalf.  The power and extensibility of creating a repeatable process has many benefits, which include having ownership of a passive pool of candidates, creating a branding strategy to build credibility in high potential candidate eyes and the maximum benefit of identifying true ‘A’ players.  Contrast, creating an extensible talent acquisition strategy, with hiring one talented employee per requisition and the benefits become obvious.


Typically, the request arrives benignly.  An old candidate or client will call, they have an urgent need to hire six to eight unique engineers to fill key roles with a government client or private sector client and I being a professional, begin to walk through my S.P.I.N. questions to truly understand the situation, problems, implications and need-payoffs.  By stripping away the layers, I begin to understand their true situation, and with that, I now can clearly develop powerful recruiting strategies to provide a cutting edge consulting recruiting solution that will provide massive ROI.


The challenge the client has is significant.  How can they have available talent to plug into multiple openings without increasing their staff size?  If they do not have access to talent they cannot scale their business, and if they hire prior to their need being critical, they risk having to needlessly invest in resources without return.  Essentially, their newly hired engineer will be on the bench and not billing.


The solution is simple.  Begin to view the recruiting function as a lead generation function.  Simply stated, internal recruiters or outsourced recruiters, when they are working with candidates, they are essentially working with leads.  Each real or potential candidate represents one lead.  Developing a vast quantity of leads is priority number one.


First, I must educate my client on the benefit of creating an internal recruiting strategy that includes subscriptions to Monster, DICE, Career Builder and other such resources.  Once subscribed, simply tighten the search requirements, and have a bot handle the day to day sourcing and begin to cull potential candidates. 


Second, I find enviable results derived from a competent branding strategy.  Branding strategy in recruiting employees is often overlooked but quite effective.  There are two avenues that are critical in recruiting employees. 


The first is traditional.  Simply begin to email market and post card market your company to a very select set of talented employees.  Learn their worthiness first before investing your marketing dollars by minimally having a conversation with my target.  I’ve found the key is to execute a traditional marketing strategy consistently and send an email or post card once every two weeks.


The second technique is more complex, a bit more time consuming, but once in motion becomes overwhelmingly effective.  I call it Web 2.0.  Your effort must be focused in four core areas; Article submission, social networking, blogs and your website.  These are the pillars of your Web 2.0 foundation.


The key is duplication.  Have multiple article submission sites, multiple social networking sites and several blogs creates credibility, awareness and branding.  Marketing principles teach us to be in the top three mental positions with our target audience.  For example, when humans make a purchasing decision, typically they will recall only seven options available and choose the first, second or third of those options to purchase.  Similarly, in positioning your opportunities you must be in the top three positions and ideally in the first or second. 


The mission in Web 2.0 is generate content, so simply have each stakeholder create an article per week and one blog entry per week, and easily you will generate meaty content.  Shifting from hierarchical content and technical content will humanize your company and messaging, which means you need to write your content specifically for your target demographic.  More importantly, focus your content on your target’s needs, wants and desires. 


Social network sites are excellent for creating context.  HR, recruiters or staffing can create accounts for you.  Once the accounts are created simply link your blogs, article, web sites and posting and you can repurpose your content on your social site.  Social networking will drive additional traffic to your site.


On your web site, keep your job postings active and shift the language of your job postings away from traditional job requirements languaging.  Begin to focus your job descriptions on your potential candidate’s needs, wants and desires.  Consider a free offer such as white papers, income levels of your top people or your client’s top people and even a special report on how a current employee rapidly rose through your corporate hierarchy.   Be creative and consider all potential options. 


Once traffic arrives and it will, it is imperative to incorporate a name and email capture space for your email marketing effort.  Once a candidate enters their name and email for their free gift, their contact details have been captured and this creates an ability to cheaply and effectively market your future openings, earnings, new clients and other compelling company information automatically with auto responder technology.  Auto Responder technology consistently establishes and reinforces branding which increasingly enhances your company’s reputation for high quality Human Capital Management.


The marketing effort alone is not sufficient.  In parallel, it becomes essential to understand what to say, when to say it and how to enter into dialogues with desirable candidates to quickly build leverageable relationships.  Deep relationships inevitably lead to validated referrals.    Building relationships will drive results, which means it is critical that your recruiter, either external or internal, has professional grade skills.  Enhancing your soft skills will ensure you and your company of hiring the best possible talent.


About Ron Mason


Ron continually executes retained and contingency search assignments for some of the biggest names in technology including: Oracle, Juniper, Sun MicroSystems, Open Text, Sybase, BladeLogic, EMC and CommVault Systems in Sales, Sales Leadership and Business Development over the past ten years.   Ron has personally created over $80,000,000 in revenue through his placements.  Ron began his career selling software with DataStream Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Computerized Maintenance Management Software, upon graduating with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Utah.  Learn more at


Having searched for proven, powerful industry specific training to overcome resistances and skill level ‘caps,’ Ron sought mentors through Matthew Ferry, Mike Ferry; the Real Estate Industry’s leading trainer and coach, Anthony Robbins, Steven Sadleir, The Sandler Sales Institute, Landmark Education, Rice Cohen, Mark Kamin Associate’s and others.  Recognizing the Recruiting Industry lacked flexible and affordable training solutions Ron has committed himself to delivering battle tested, verifiable sales skills and processes specifically designed for recruiting and validated over many years, at an investment level that every recruiter can easily afford with zero downtime. 


 I train students in creating their own personal marketing strategies.








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