Would You Like to Handle Objections More Powerfully

Recruiting Strategies to Empower You in Recruiting Employees– Cutting Edge Consulting Recruiting


We are proud to present a breakthrough Training Curriculum, never before offered in the Recruiting Industry that guarantees a more profitable and fulfilling Recruiting career.  With these unprecedented courses you will begin to powerfully create a rewarding career for yourself and see immediate results while contributing at level you now dream about.



Ø      Lead Generation System Track

Ø      Recruit Power Track

Ø      Objection Mastery Track


Objection Mastery Track Tab


What Is The Value?


v     Six Months of Breakthrough Calls With Your Coach

v     All New Ron Mason Coaching Clients Receive Our Objection Mastery Dialogues

v     Develop a Process to Handle Every Objection Powerfully and Keep Your Leads Moving Through the Funnel

v     Low Price Only $295 Per Month for Six Months


Next Box


What is The Advantage?


v     Learn a Water-Tight System For Confidently Handling Every Objection

v     Build Deeper Relationships with Your Candidate’s

v     Recruit More Top Talent Into Your Company

v     Qualify-In More Leads

v     Create Peace of Mind


What Is The Benefit?



v     Fill More Positions!

v     Create 10 New Objections Per Day For Every Situation You Face- And Role Play to Mastery!


 Recruit Power Curriculum is designed for the truly committed professional who would like to increase their level of billing, career satisfaction and contribution.  To learn more simply log on to www.ronmasoncoaching.com or call us today and begin to create consistent billing results in any economic climate. 



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