Recruiter Branding


In Positioning: ‘The Battle for Your Mind,’ by Al Reis and Jack Trout, the author’s assert the human mind is an “imperfect container.”  The basic premise is the human mind, under constant advertising bombardment, becomes saturated and can hold only a finite number of brands at one time.  In fact, Ries and Trout cite the work of George A. Miller, a Harvard Psychologist, who asserts the “saturation point’ for the mind is seven brands.  Probabilities suggest that if a person can name no more than seven brands of shoes, they can’t possibly name more than two or three recruiter’s in their niche.  Clearly, Ries and Trout are talking about “mind share.”  You’re either the top two or three in your prospect minds or you are lost in the shuffle.  So the big question is where are you?  An even bigger question is how to become the number one, two or three in your target’s mind. 


The solution is a marketing system for both candidates’ and clients’ that is consistent.  In our Recruit Power Curriculum, which offers verfied recruiting strategies, we recommend three different systems.  Our 1X1 system is focused on moving prospects you have never connected with into a warm marketing system, the 3X3X2.  The 3X3X2 system guides you to create a repeatable system to connect eight times in two months with prospects you have connected with and finally our 12X12X9 marketing system is a twelve month system specifically designed to create your own brand awareness, which inevitably leads to you being among their top two choices.


In recruiting, there are two general groups to direct our marketing activities toward.  The first is our known group.  Candidates you have placed, interviewed or sent out on interviews and clients who you have placed with, submitted resumes to, scheduled interviews for and taken job orders all will fall into our known group.


Your, don’t know group, are prospects we would like to transact business with.  Perhaps companies with multiple sites, Fortune accounts and high growth companies fall into your target don’t know group.  Candidates whose expertise level is widely known or candidate’s with highly demanded certifications or clearances would fall into your, don’t know group as well. 



1.      Known

a.       Relationship ( current and past candidates)

b.      Partners

2.      Don’t Know

a.       General Public

b.      Target Niche



We will use three marketing systems, two of which will be focused on our known group.

The third will be directed to our don’t know group with the explicit goal of converting

our don’t know targets into known.  Remember, we are continually and systematically

using our marketing effort to cultivate new and potentially, high volume business.  A best

practice when executing your 1X1 marketing system, is to simply send your first post card or email, and follow up with your Candidate Presentation that we covered earlier in the book.


1 X 1:  People you would like to know, but have been unable to reach and Hiring Authorities in Target Companies.  These Prospects receive one correspondence from you each month.  Our goal is to pull them to us from our Don’t Know group into our Known group of contacts.


Marketing to your known group of contacts is a bit more complicated.  Once we have made contact with our, don’t know group of prospects, we will funnel them into our 3X3X3 system.  Keeping in mind our challenge, which is to become the first or second choice in our prospect’s mind, we need to communicate often in the first nine weeks of our introduction.  Accomplishing this level of contact will require multiple phone calls, email and post cards.  Don’t bog yourself down with design or fancy tag lines.  Keep your communication professional and simple.  For email and post cards, I advise my student’s to always include a photo, contact details and a logo. 


Systematically executing your marketing plan is the priority.


3 X 3 X 2:  Each contact you have spoken to or met goes into your system.  The 3 X 3 X 2 is a systematic method of establishing relationships and creating credibility in their mind, which leads to their recognition of your business, and the value it represents to them.  Top candidate’s, client’s and referral sources all belong in this group.


When your intensive nine week 3X3X2 marketing system is complete you will want to place your contacts into a fifty-two week campaign we call the 12X12X9.  The objective is to communicate in multiple mediums with your contact on a continuing basis every ten to fifteen days in an integrated marketing campaign.  Systematically executing your campaign will create brand awareness and credibility. 


12 X 12 X 9:  Once a contact has flowed through your 3 X 3 X 2 system they land in your 12 X 12 X 9 system.  Simply this is your year long effort to remain top of mind, build trust through consistency and create business.


Creating a calendar for each plan is critical.  Invest your time to organize your marketing effort up front, as execution will be simpler when you know precisely what you will be sharing with your target.  Here is an example calendar which can be adopted for your personal 3X3X2 marketing system.  To fully systematize your personal marketing plan visit, I offer a twenty week course which will guide you in creating your marketing systems combined with selling strategies to integrate your sales and marketing processes.


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