Joint Venture Recruiting Strategies

Candidate- Recruiter Joint Venture


Our mission is to collaboratively and systematically work together in identifying and closing, a desirable position for each candidate we represent.  Jointly leveraging our rolodex’s will generate profitable results as statistically a candidate will earn the highest income and acquire the position they desire most quickly, by properly leveraging their own personal sphere of influence.  Leveraging candidate spheres of influence traditionally has placed our recruiting fee at risk, as many hiring authorities do not like to pay fees for people they already know.  To surmount this obstacle Ron Mason Coaching has created the joint venture model which allows us to serve our candidate’s most effectively and at the same time limit our risk.  Through a joint venture model we all win.  Candidate accepts a position, we grow our business and we both earn income from our collaboration.  Truly a win – win and a paradigm shift in cutting edge consulting recruiting.  Below are processes, benefits and principles.


JV Goals:

ü       Place Candidate in new full time leadership position

ü       Create income for Candidate

ü       Expand Recruiter’s client base


JV Strategy

ü       Marketing campaign to connect eight times in eight weeks with every potential employer and referral source with combination of email campaign and direct call campaign.

ü       Market to Recruiter Database

ü       Market to Candidate’s database of contacts including past channel partners, isv partners, consulting clients, past colleagues and past leadership


JV Principles

ü       Confidentiality strictly adhered to

ü       Opt out’s will be respected

ü       Referral’s tracked

ü       25% referral fee to Candidate for each placement directly tied to Candidate’s Contact Database



Certainly feel free to call or email with any questions as I would be happy to share more with you.



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