Human Resources – Recruiting Employees

Clearly HR is the engine for explosive and sustainable growth!  Your skills, systems and processes to attract top talent drive your firm’s revenue.  Are you being all that you can be?  What separates the bottom 80% of companies from the top 20%?  It’s no secret; talent?  Do you need to hire the best and brightest from your competition?  Are you recruiting from Stanford, MIT or Harvard?  Is your company developing new product?  Are you aggressively expanding your sales force?  Did your firm recently receive Venture Funding?  Has your firm lost a key senior leader?  Are you creating International Distribution?


Are you and your staff armed with the latest talent acquisition skills, processes and systems to compete successfully for the best talent?  Are you effectively recruiting employees that can boost your company’s net?  Do you leverage sophisticated soft selling skills specifically designed to discover candidate pain while at the same time nurturing real relationships?  Do you have a proven process to powerfully create loyalty even from recruits who are not “currently’ interested?  Are your recruiter’s trained in handling objections and creating compelling recruit presentations to attract non interested and passive candidates?  In our ‘War For Talent’ economy are you going to battle armed with all possible weapons to assure your probablility of top line revenue growth? 


Traditional training provides excellent content with significant benefit.  New skills are learned, ideas are shared and motivation to execute newly learned behavior is raised for a period of five to seven days.  For many, the daily discipline to integrate what has been learned is low, which inevitably leads to backsliding into old patterns and skill levels.  Incremental integration with powerful accountability guarantees the best return on your training investment.


Ron Mason Coaching offers affordable recruiter specific training delivered to assure systematic integration into daily disciplines while at the same time guaranteeing minimal downtime.  Our training and coaching is shared in thirty to forty-five minute blocks coupled with weekly homework and accountabilities specifically designed to become daily processes quickly.


o       Lead Generation System

o       Recruit Power Track

o       Objection Mastery Track


To learn more and research powerful, proven resources go to or simply email  I would be happy to share how we can help!


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