Explosive Growth!

Recently, I have been asked to fill a Federal DOD Sales position for a company that has grown from $3M to over $120M in just three years.  How does a company achieve such massive growth in a short period of time.  After 12 years recruiting in technology I have learned a few things.

First the technology needs to be disruptive within an already established market.  Harry Dent wrote about adoption curves in his book, “The Roaring 2000’s,” several years ago.  It’s a great read, check it out!  Essentially, he described the time it takes for new technology to be adopted and pointedly illuminated how the first 10% of adopters took the longest with the remaining 90% following quickly.  VMware benefited from this dynamic.

Second, talent selection and attraction is essential.  Recruiting strategies around acquiring a top leader who breeds loyalty from managing down is critical.  Great companies find great leaders who people like and respect.  People are naturally attracted to good people and virally the team grows.

The point is simply, invest wisely in people and do not be afraid to pay a premium.  Doing your due dilligence through referencing and networking often lead like branches of a tree, to the talented leader your firm needs.  In sales recruiting, identifying and attracting your leader will be the most difficult task.  You know you have selected wisely when the majority of your sales team is staffed through word of mouth.  Monitoring your HR budget for recruiting expenses in paralell with tracking revenue will provide the necassary indicators to course correct.

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