What Is Your Why?

Clearly understanding why you wish to create a cutting edge consulting recruiting business is the first block of your foundation.  Becoming clear on your goals is more challenging than most people acknowledge.  There are two foundational motivators which drive human behavior.  Moving towards pleasure and moving away from pain.  Many of us at times, have both motivators working within us, with one being dominant.  The key to unlocking human potential is to effectively recognize which drives your behavior consistently.  Fortunately, statistics clearly point to moving away from pain as the dominant creator of human behavior patterns. 


Knowing the majority of people will be an order of magnitude more motivated to move away from pain, is an incredibly valuable personal recruiting strategy and tool that we have at our disposal in creating new income streams.  With this knowledge we can powerfully create goals that are aligned with our primary behavior pattern.  We can begin to align our goals at a foundational level.


Most people can quickly list several wants, such as a new car, an updated kitchen, money to send children to day care or private school and perhaps even list their desired retirement income.  Simply stated, most of us, with ease, can in a few moments list our goals.  Few people take time to strip away the layers of their goal to understand their why?  Doesn’t it make sense to understand why we want to achieve our goals?  The value of understanding your why is profound, as understanding what you are moving away from, and emotionalizing your biggest fears, creates passionate motivation to do whatever is possible to move far away from that fear.  Momentum occurs.


So, how do you find what your why is?  Similarly to writing your goals, simply list your biggest goal.  Once listed ask yourself, what will that do for you?  Write the answer down and ask yourself why that is important to you?  Now that you have your answer, ask your self, “and why is that important”?  Really dig deep and confront the reason.  Confront your why.  How does your response make you feel?  Chances are, if your answer is emotionalized, you have found your real why.  Your answer or your real why, may be your biggest fear. 


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