Cracking The Referral Code

Step One:  Small Talk / Humor

Hello, Jim?  This is Ron Mason with Ron Mason International.  How are you doing?   Great!  Listen I was thinking about our last conversation and decided maybe I should leave sales.  Your pitch was awesome.


Step Two:  Ask

I’m calling for a couple of reasons.  First, I’d like to ask you a question.  Even though you have never worked for a company I recruit for, based on your experience with me through interviewing with my clients in the past, would you feel comfortable referring me if you knew anyone who was looking at new job opportunities?


Step Three:  Promise

Great!  I want to assure you Jim, that if you did recommend me to anyone, You will never regret it.

I will make their goal, my number one goal.

I will give them excellent service.

I will keep you informed through out the interview process.

It is important to me that you know how much I value your recommendation.


Step Four:  The Reason / Help

The other reason for my call is to ask you if you know of anyone thinking of hiring or looking for a new job in the near future.  You see, Jim, the job market in our area has been very active, and most of the Candidate’s I work with have landed in new jobs, so I need great people for my clients.


Step Five:  Who Do You Know Who…?

Who do you know who might be interviewing or looking for a new job?


Step Six:  Probe ( Close Three Times)

1.      How about someone you currently work with?

2.      Anyone in the neighborhood?

3.      Anyone from the last company you worked with?


Step Seven:  Permission and Commitment

No?  Well, I appreciate your help.  Let me ask you, Jim, from time to time there are new opportunities and changes in the market that could affect your job and income.  If I were to keep you posted on those changes, would that be of value to you?  So if I kept in touch would that be okay with you?  Great, then, I promise I will.


Creating relationships, authentic relationship may seem trite in today’s technology leveraged cutting edge consulting recruiting world, but I would propose relationship creation, is a recruting tip you should consider in sales recruiting or recruting employees in a passive environment.  All the best.





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