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Connection- The Difference That Makes the Difference

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Yesterday I read a an amazing post from Doug Firebaugh who is a leading generic sales and marketing trainer in the Direct Selling industry.  Forget mindset and begin to consider your connection.  Continue reading

Sponsor or Recruit II

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Last week we had a discussion about how to build relationship quickly.  A relationship that is strong enough to build trust and create an opening for generating referrals to assist you in rapidly building your business. 


The question of course becomes what do we say once we have the opening available and what is the process within to have the conversation.  First we want to keep it very simple and conversational by focusing on your last conversation with your contact.  Keep the conversation light by using humor to your advantage.


Second, reassure your past contact that you will treat the referral even better than the referrer.  Assure your contact you will keep them in the loop at all times through clean communication and that they will never be embarrassed or regretful for providing the introduction.


Third, ask them if they would feel comfortable referring a person to you.


Fourth, ask three times for a referral.  After each request wait in silence for their response prior to asking for another referral.  Direct your contact’s focus to specific areas of their life such as at work, in the neighborhood, past colleagues and even church friendships.


Last, express your gratitude for their assistance and let them know you will be there for them in the future should they wish to connect with you.  Always keep in mind your mindset.  People can see your intention and will feel compelled to help you when you ask from a place of contribution vs. a place of monetization.


Sponsoring or Recruiting

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I have had many conversations lately with amazingly successful and influential people in the Network Marketing industry.  Curiously, there seems to be an ongoing conversation about recruiting people into your business or sponsoring.  Many prefer to sponsor, others prefer to recruit.

Regardless of how you label the act, the system or process to enroll undoubtedly will stay the same.  In Executive Recruiting we adhere to a simple principle.  Great relationships determine your profit level.  So the real question to ask is, how do we build meaningful relationship quickly and once we have shared our opportunity, how do we create referrals.

The answer is quite simple.  Build trust, assure them we will treat their referral with integrity, ask for their help and extend our appreciation.  A simple process indeed.  The challenge unwittingly, is what do we say within the context of the conversation to authentically set our contact at ease which creates an opening for the relationship to build.

What do we say?  Tune in next time?