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Sales Opening in Silicon Valley/Colorado

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Proven products in high performance computing, profitalbe 20 year old company, run rate business in the federal integrator, federal and commercial segments and a comp plan that leads to the mid $300’s.  Ideally the person will be based in Colorado or Silicon Valley and we will keep an open mind to our candidate being placed in a major metropolitan area on the west coast. 

At our recruiting firm we implement a marketing campaign deisgned to touch prospects and clients once every few weeks, with the specific intent being to develop ‘mind-share,’ which means being the top one or two choices for a VPS when beginning to hire.  It’s a powerful recruiting strategy and the recruiting tip of the day.

As always, if you know someone we should be speaking to, drop us a line.


Network Configuration Managment Openings

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Looking for Federal Sales Jobs in DC or MD?  As we say in Utah, This Is The Place.  One of our clients has begun explosively moving up and to the right of the S Curve in Revenue and Client Count.  Their founder, the first person to attain the highly coveted CCIE Certification has created an Appliance that performs many of the functions a CCIE would perform and they do it at a fraction of the price.

We are currently working with them on two openings.  The first is an inside sales role selling to accounts with 300 units or less.  The compensation includes stock and targets complete compensation at $80,000 to $100,000 a year.  The opening is part of a growing team that has scaled revenue from $378,000 to over $1,000,000 in three quarters.

The second opening is a Federal DOD Sales Job selling to all of DOD.  They have just closed over $2.4M in a marquee DOD account and now, they need to scale.

Here is the best part: their management team have been foundational behind the successes of company’s like Netscape, PureEdge and Juniper which means, your stock may have a significant wealth uplift.  Email me at to learn more.


Director of Sales, State, Local and Higher Education

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Our client has pioneered digital investigations for twenty years, providing the technology and training that empower law enforcement, government agencies and corporations to perform comprehensive computer investigations. Our client delivers state-of-the-art password cracking, decryption and computer forensic solutions. Our client’s Forensic tools and enterprise investigative solutions enable organizations to preview, search for, analyze, process and forensically preserve electronic evidence for the purposes of criminal investigations, internal investigations, incident response and eDiscovery. 

The opening is in Utah managing and growing a rapidly growing team of out bound Inside Sales Representatives.  The technology is at the nexus of explosive growth in the security sector.  Large players like Symantec and McAfee are quickly moving into Forensics which will create tremendous valuations.  Stock is available.  For more information email me.

Finding this opening and every other that we execute for our clients, is simply a reflection of the recruiting strategies we share through our training curriculum.  Creating referrals, recruiting referrals and and having those referrals validated are truly the game.