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Time To Think!

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How often do you step back to think about your executive recruiting business?  When was the last time you dissected your recruiting process and the supporting systems that are the engine of your business?


My initial executive recruiting training was laser focused on MPC’s and POE/JO’s.  Many of you recognize the acronym.  MPC = Most Placeable Candidate and POE/JO mean Presentation on Existing Job Order.  I learned the business from Management Recruiters, International.  MRI offers the best training hands down.  They are at their core an education based Recruiting Organization and with that their education is outstanding. 


Fast forward twelve years and I have now been managing my search firm for a decade.  Technology has evolved to become a powerful marketing tool under utilized by most of us.  My original MRI training simply can’t scale to the level I need it.  I need leverage and I’m sure you have considered leverage as well.  An internet marketing strategy may be your answer.


Associations and seminars inform us of its utility by sharing a single thread of the much larger internet marketing fabric.  In cutting edge consulting recruiting, it’s clearly not enough to have a blog up and running, right?  We need FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and Plaxo.  We need Squeeze Pages, Constant Contact and Opt-In’s.  We need an integrated platform.  Effectively integrated into a coherent strategy the internet marketing medium is truly powerful.  How much time have you had to think internet marketing?  What’s your strategy?  Are you executing your own today?  I’d like to hear from you to learn what you are up to.  Email me at


Recruiting Employees

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Recruiting Employees in today’s ultra competitive marketplace is growing more and more challenging.  In fact top companies have tremendous allure for the best talent.  Emerging high growth companies are recruiting employees more effectively and in greater numbers as their story, their success and their branding are formidable attractions for candidates.


Faced with these challenges, companies that are not in the top ten percent of brand awareness, growth and market share, need to increasingly become creative in their talent attraction strategies.  Why are the top companies able to continue their rapid growth?  What within their talent attraction process is different from the rest?  What is your company’s strategy for recruiting employees? 


In the competitive world of recruiting employees, employees that have the ability to add massive impact to your top line become your recruiting priority.  To recruit these employees you need to begin to recognize talent types.  Two types we train our client’s to recognize are capacity talent and cul-de-sac talent. 


Capacity talent, are those individuals who have the ability to simply excel in the role they have been hired to fill and they have the capacity for high level performance in each role within the company.  Cul-de-sac talent is clearly the opposite.  These new recruits can fill the specific role they have been hired for only, as their talent obviously has a ceiling.  They simply lack the talent to perform at each level within your organization.


Inevitably, recruiting employees with cul-de-sac level talent leads an organization to continually seek candidates from outside the company walls to fill critical positions.  New employee integration time becomes a real impediment to a company’s rapid or sustained growth.  Unquestionably, the investment in each new employee is great.  Cultural integration, process integration and knowledge flow requires time to develop.  Nurturing new talent requires an investment in time, and that time investment is inversely proportional to employee productivity.  Optimally, the highest ROI per employee is correlated to their tenure within the company.  Organic career growth has many benefits for the employer.  As the employee climbs the corporate ladder, the employee brings with them company culture awareness, process acumen and intimate knowledge which has already been paid for during their honeymoon period.  Consistently recruiting inorganically once again requires the inordinate investment.


When recruiting employees, the emphasis needs to be placed on identifying capacity talent.  The interview process needs to be re-contextualized to clearly delineate the types of talent presently available and needs to be specifically designed to quickly parse cul-de- sac talent out of your company’s interview process through behaviorally based interview techniques.  Once accomplished, you can begin to truly recruit the best and watch your company revenue grow.


Ron Mason

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Having searched for proven, powerful industry specific training to overcome resistances and skill level ‘caps,’ Ron sought mentors through Matthew Ferry (, ), Anthony Robbins, Steven Sadleir (, Landmark Education, Rice Cohen, Mark Kamin Associate’s and others. Recognizing the Recruiting Industry lacked flexible and affordable training solutions; Ron is committed to delivering battle tested, verifiable sales skills and processes specifically designed for recruiting and validated over many years, at an investment level that every recruiter can easily afford with zero downtime. 


Ron has executed retained and contingency search assignments for some of the biggest names in technology including: Oracle, Juniper, Sun MicroSystems, Open Text, Sybase, BladeLogic, EMC and CommVault Systems in Sales, Sales Leadership and Business Development over the past ten years.   Ron has personally created over $80,000,000 in revenue through his placements.  Ron began his career selling software with DataStream Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Computerized Maintenance Management Software, upon graduating with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Utah.