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Director of Sales, State, Local and Higher Education

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Our client has pioneered digital investigations for twenty years, providing the technology and training that empower law enforcement, government agencies and corporations to perform comprehensive computer investigations. Our client delivers state-of-the-art password cracking, decryption and computer forensic solutions. Our client’s Forensic tools and enterprise investigative solutions enable organizations to preview, search for, analyze, process and forensically preserve electronic evidence for the purposes of criminal investigations, internal investigations, incident response and eDiscovery. 

The opening is in Utah managing and growing a rapidly growing team of out bound Inside Sales Representatives.  The technology is at the nexus of explosive growth in the security sector.  Large players like Symantec and McAfee are quickly moving into Forensics which will create tremendous valuations.  Stock is available.  For more information email me.

Finding this opening and every other that we execute for our clients, is simply a reflection of the recruiting strategies we share through our training curriculum.  Creating referrals, recruiting referrals and and having those referrals validated are truly the game.


Explosive Growth!

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Recently, I have been asked to fill a Federal DOD Sales position for a company that has grown from $3M to over $120M in just three years.  How does a company achieve such massive growth in a short period of time.  After 12 years recruiting in technology I have learned a few things.

First the technology needs to be disruptive within an already established market.  Harry Dent wrote about adoption curves in his book, “The Roaring 2000’s,” several years ago.  It’s a great read, check it out!  Essentially, he described the time it takes for new technology to be adopted and pointedly illuminated how the first 10% of adopters took the longest with the remaining 90% following quickly.  VMware benefited from this dynamic.

Second, talent selection and attraction is essential.  Recruiting strategies around acquiring a top leader who breeds loyalty from managing down is critical.  Great companies find great leaders who people like and respect.  People are naturally attracted to good people and virally the team grows.

The point is simply, invest wisely in people and do not be afraid to pay a premium.  Doing your due dilligence through referencing and networking often lead like branches of a tree, to the talented leader your firm needs.  In sales recruiting, identifying and attracting your leader will be the most difficult task.  You know you have selected wisely when the majority of your sales team is staffed through word of mouth.  Monitoring your HR budget for recruiting expenses in paralell with tracking revenue will provide the necassary indicators to course correct.

Sales Leadership Candidate in DC- Federal Intelligence Community

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Leveraging cutting edge consulting recruiting strategies has led me to a an incredibly talented strategic and tactical Federal Vice President.  Having built federal businesses to over $400,000,000 a year in the past, and having both hardware and software experience, has created a unique skill set for any company serious about doing business with the federal government.  Of course he is cleared with a TS/SCI plus Polygraph.  Great catch.

So, how did I find him?  In sales recruiting it’s a networking game to build relationships, nurture the relationship and once complete, create referrals from those networks.  Recruiting strategies developed with long term strategic views towards building profitable relationships have become the foundation of my business.

Is networking a sales game or simply a networking game?  Interestingly, whether I am in a social situation on the weekend or a ‘networking’ event during the week, the game is always the same, and that is simply I need to sell myself to those I want to associate with.  Semantically, networking and sales are disparate but in reality they are one and the same. 

Perhaps a more fitting word would be attraction.  Making myself attractive will undoubtedly attract those I seek to enter into relationship with.  In sports recruiting and athletic recruiting the game is the same.  Picture a winning football team like the U. of Florida in 2006, are they more attractive to recruits now than prior to winning a championship?  Drilling down further, consider their head coach.  Regardless of how impressive the program is, if the young recruit finds the coach repulsive, do you think the recruit will choose Florida?

Chances are he may not.  If he found Florida’s head coach attractive the deal would be locked down instantaneously. 

Undoubtedly, in our competitive world of recruiting, it is important to generate and enhance skills that make us more attractive, which is why we continually focus on learning conversational selling skills which blend seemlessly with our personality.  That synergy, creates an attractive being who is growing ever more powerful in their understanding of human pyschology, and the greater our understanding of human pyschology, the more impact we can deliver to the lives we touch.

Sales Jobs In DC/VA/MD

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EPI is executing cutting edge consulting recruiting, diversity recruiting and sales recruiting in DC, VA and MD.

One of our clients is creating a paradigm shift within the storage industry by tripling storage media life and dramatically reducing the energy costs to maintain massive TB’s of data.  How do they do it?  Simply, by leveraging a disk cache and an opticaly repository.  Demand is increasingly growing, they are funded by a HUGE name in Venutre Capital and an industry icon sits on the board.  The territory is exclusively federal with more and more pipeline being built daily.  Compensation plan is $110K base and $260K OTE.  

Open Source Security is growing as the prevalence of Open Source in the Technology stack grows.  We have a unique opening available in the Metro DC region.  In sales recruiting, a sales recruiter needs to understand how having a federal and commercial territory introduces a hedge the account executive’s potential income stream and our client provides an excellent opportunity here VA, DC and MD as they are recruiting employees using recruiting strategies to offer an unusual income potential as the political winds strengthen in our run up to the election.  The company analyzes open source code to discern vulnerabilities and code anomalies that can lead to dangerous breaching.  $220,000 on target earnings. 

Recruiters starting a recruiting business should check out RecruitingBlogs as there are over 10,000 recruiters communicating daily.  Awesome!

Integrating New Skills- Recruiter Coach and Trainer

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Seminars, training and learning new skills are the foundation of contemporary professional education right?  I know quite a few people personally who we can consider ‘seminar junkies’ and certainly you can name a few as well.  Continually, these people keep coming back for more and more education but seemingly, these same people fail to internalize and ‘become’ the person with new skills, disciplines and processes.

Many of also avidly read self-help, self-improvement and books to acquire new skills of any type.  Obviously, there is a benefit to filling your mind your great content, right?  The cliche of ‘garbage in – garbage-out’ truly has merit, however there is a limit to how far the average person can integrate their newly acquired content.

In every industry there are purveyors of great content, which if integrated effectively would lead to quantum leaps in performance, but inevitably, people seldom make quantum leaps.  Why?

Two obvious answers appear when inquiring.  First, our mind set needs to shift from doubt to excited expantcy, fully emotionalized with happiness and second, it is imperative new training be integrated powerfully through skill practice. 

Truly committed recruiters and executive search consultants need to have an environment where they can role play and be held accountable.  Developing new skills requires 45 days of consistent action.  Committing daily to spend fifteen minutes of your time role-playing verifiable selling processes overlaid with your personality will empower to ‘be’ the person who is capable of profitably handling objections, creating referrals and attracting new business.

Through recruiter coaching, any recruiter, whether they are starting a recruiting business, recruiting employees or recruiting athletes in athletic recruiting, can ‘sharpen their sales saws’ to perfection.

Clearly there a number of very strong resources available to recruiting professionals, however I have personally researched and experienced a number of the larger ‘brands’ and I have continually found them credible, but lacking.  You see, the foundation of our business is simply our conversational selling skills and there is only one resource available to today specifically designed to train recruiters.  In it we do not teach how to create a blog, or develop webinars, nor do we hand you a book of scripts and send you on your way and we will not even share recruiting training information that is stale and 30 years old.  We will simply teach a proven sales process that when completely integrated into your daily conversations will create more income, more certainty and more peace of mind.

Resume Mastery- Resume Creation That Generates Results

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Ever wonder why Executive’s and HR Recruiter’s choose one resume over another?  Are you curious what content they are searching for?  Have you been perplexed over what information is need-to-share and which information is background noise?  Candidly, hiring authorities today have access to vast numbers of resumes and typically they are searching for a few key skills and benefits regardless of the position to be filled.  Unaware of what those skills and benefits are, many times we stack the probabilities against us by the language and content we include in our resume and ultimately, we inadvertently write ourselves out of consideration unwittingly.

Faced with this uncertainty, many people choose to outsource their resume creation entirely to a firm that specializes in writing resumes for a fee.  While the presentation, consistency and organization of the content is typically outstanding, often the information shared lacks impact and power.  As a contingency and retained recruiter for ten years I have many professionally created resumes in my database.  Unquestionably they are polished however they simply lack marketing power.

Steps to Create Your Resume:

1.       First identify for each position your compelling accomplishments by asking these questions for each position. 


ü      What was the key metric leveraged to monitor my performance?

ü      How much money did I save the company?

ü      How much revenue did I create?

ü      How many projects were I involved in and what were the names and relevance to the core business?

ü      How many of the projects that I was involved in were completed in time and under budget?

ü      How much under budget?

ü      Of those projects, how much revenue can I tie directly to my project?

ü      How many new customers did I attract and close?

ü      How large were the largest deals I closed?

ü      How much revenue can I tie directly and honestly to those closed deals?

ü      How much was my quota for each year and how did I perform?  Characterize in dollars or percentages over quota contingent on which variable is most compelling.

ü      How many offices did I open?

ü      How many people did I hire?

ü      How many leads did my marketing department create?

ü      What was the conversion ratio?

ü      How large of a department did I create?

ü      How large was the company or team when I joined and how large is it today?

ü      How much venture funding did I attract?

ü      What accounting standards did I utilize?

ü      Who subscribed to the Initial Public Offering?


2.       Next, open a blank page and in the header type in your contact details including Name, address, phone number and email address.


3.       Now create a Professional Summary that takes the three most compelling accomplishments you have achieved in your career and communicate them using active languaging.


 4.       Skip one line, create a header that says: Strengths.  Write one line that clearly communicates your professional strengths.  Be careful not to dilute the power of your strength, so I would propose only including two to three.

 5.       Next, in bold text, underlined and Cap locked, write EXPERIENCE:.

6.       Now skip a line and add your most recent employment history.  Name the company, it’s headquarter location on the first line.  Beneath include a paragraph on your most recent employer’s solution and services, customers and a link to their website.



2000-Present Company Name, Landover, Maryland. 

A publicly traded, $300,000,000 market leading provider of software tools and solutions to enable web based test and quality assurance which ensures maximum up-time, extensibility and reliability.  Clients include ninety-five percent of the Fortune 100, Government Contractors and Federal Agencies.


                        Federal Integrator Manager

·               Responsible for all FSI Solution Partner Alliances including GSA Schedule Partners. Developed market strategy with Alliance Partners to expand  Mercury presence beyond the testing marketplace.

·               Increased GSA Business from 10% to 50%.

·               Increased FSI Business from 0% to 30%.

·               Partner business increased from 10% to 80% of total Federal Business. Quota: 17 Million of 21 Million.

·               100% of Quota 3 of 4 years.


7.       Repeat the same format for each position held being attentive to accomplishments, focused on revenue created, growth, cost savings and performance metrics for each position.


8.       Once each professional experience is completed and formatted as above, add your Education.  Invariably, if your G.P.A was high, be sure to note it as well.  Beneath your education include your professional certifications such C.I.S.S.P. etc.

                                 EDUCATION:    University, West Chester, Pennsylvania

                                 Graduate Degree in Business Management; Minor in Economics.


9.       Next add your affiliations.  Affiliations are any networking groups and associations you belong to.


Resume writing is a simple process really.  The key is to begin to think as an executive thinks, which is clearly on the ‘business essence’ of your role.  High impact verbiage with a focus on your key performance metrics will jump off the page for recruiters and Executive leaders.  I offer an audio for $29.95 called Resume Mastery to the general public, however if you would like a free copy simply email me or got my site.

All the Best 








Connection- The Difference That Makes the Difference

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Yesterday I read a an amazing post from Doug Firebaugh who is a leading generic sales and marketing trainer in the Direct Selling industry.  Forget mindset and begin to consider your connection.  Continue reading