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Power of 3’s

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An often overlooked and powerful strategy in sale recruiting is simply, the power of 3’s.  Setting the stage by sharing your commitment to providing great service, being in communication along the way, and handling your business with integrity, is the first step in the process.  Assuring your referral source you will take care of their friend like family and assuring your referral source they will never be embarassed are key.

Once comfortable, I move to the second step in the process, it is time to ask for referrals.  I like to focus my referral requests in a few key areas.  Usually, the person I am talking with and I have history together.  I may have sent them out on interviews in the past which means I have access to their resume and the company’s they have worked with in the past.  I ask for a referral from their past employer, then I inquire about current colleagues and lastly I narrow down to the competition.  Typically, I get the referral on the third request.  It’s a powerful recruiting strategy which only deepens the relationship I already have.

As always, sales and recruiting, is always a step by sttep process.  Asking for the referral out of sequence will not yield the same results as following the process.  Stop by and check out a resource that you can leverage for accountability, role play and skill enhancement that will boost your billings.


Integrating New Skills- Recruiter Coach and Trainer

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Seminars, training and learning new skills are the foundation of contemporary professional education right?  I know quite a few people personally who we can consider ‘seminar junkies’ and certainly you can name a few as well.  Continually, these people keep coming back for more and more education but seemingly, these same people fail to internalize and ‘become’ the person with new skills, disciplines and processes.

Many of also avidly read self-help, self-improvement and books to acquire new skills of any type.  Obviously, there is a benefit to filling your mind your great content, right?  The cliche of ‘garbage in – garbage-out’ truly has merit, however there is a limit to how far the average person can integrate their newly acquired content.

In every industry there are purveyors of great content, which if integrated effectively would lead to quantum leaps in performance, but inevitably, people seldom make quantum leaps.  Why?

Two obvious answers appear when inquiring.  First, our mind set needs to shift from doubt to excited expantcy, fully emotionalized with happiness and second, it is imperative new training be integrated powerfully through skill practice. 

Truly committed recruiters and executive search consultants need to have an environment where they can role play and be held accountable.  Developing new skills requires 45 days of consistent action.  Committing daily to spend fifteen minutes of your time role-playing verifiable selling processes overlaid with your personality will empower to ‘be’ the person who is capable of profitably handling objections, creating referrals and attracting new business.

Through recruiter coaching, any recruiter, whether they are starting a recruiting business, recruiting employees or recruiting athletes in athletic recruiting, can ‘sharpen their sales saws’ to perfection.

Clearly there a number of very strong resources available to recruiting professionals, however I have personally researched and experienced a number of the larger ‘brands’ and I have continually found them credible, but lacking.  You see, the foundation of our business is simply our conversational selling skills and there is only one resource available to today specifically designed to train recruiters.  In it we do not teach how to create a blog, or develop webinars, nor do we hand you a book of scripts and send you on your way and we will not even share recruiting training information that is stale and 30 years old.  We will simply teach a proven sales process that when completely integrated into your daily conversations will create more income, more certainty and more peace of mind.